About the Artist/Contact

sharon townshend

photo by James Allen Walker

My work has always been inspired by nature, both in the free-standing terra cotta sculpture and the many public art relief murals I have made for Maine schools and libraries. When people encounter the landscape its vastness is impressive, yet it is through the human scale that we relate most directly. When I walk in the woods, I collect objects by taking mental pictures, or by picking up sticks, rocks, rusty objects — reminders of a gesture or texture. In my garden, the placement of forms, colors and gestures are more intentional; my role in creation more direct.

When I work with clay I am part of an ancient continuum of artists modeling this substance into forms which are usually hollow. This interior space has been used to hold food, water, ceremonial or metaphorical meaning. My clay sculptures are created by pushing from the inside. This inner volume defines and gives life to the form.