TREE FORMS    There are so many mythologies combining human form with trees. Many cultures see the spirits within, from the Greek’s Daphne to Middle Earth’s Ents. But the caryatids are autobiographical, not in the way of a likeness or a story, but from the inside out. Imagine holding up the sky, or dancing rooted like a tree, slow and sure. They are sentinels, watchers. Bark peels, like garments, revealing smooth and vulnerable skin.

This work is available through Corey Daniels Gallery, Turtle Gallery , New Era Gallery , and June LaCombe Sculpture.


HYBRIDS    Here in Maine, we have long winters; time to dream and fantasize about the perfect garden. Under the frozen surface lie the tough roots, the hard seeds holding the potential for tender sprouts, fleshy stems, riotous color. With the introduction of genetically engineered plants, this winter dream can become a nightmare. Vegetable and animal merge; can grow to an enormous size. With this series of work, I am playing with the border between seduction and repulsion. It looks lush, touchable, but vaguely unrecognizable, disturbing.

This work is available through Turtle Gallery , New Era Gallery , and June LaCombe Sculpture.