Recent Work


In 2012, Stream was installed on the stairway landing at the University of New England Art Gallery for an exhibition entitled “Critters”, curated by Nancy Davidson. It consisted of 54 white raku fired trout, in sizes ranging from the “big daddy” (26″ long,) to the small fry of 4″.

Artist’s Statement:
The white trout in this stream are raku fired clay, a process that involves removing the sculpture from the kiln when the glaze is molten, and smoking in a barrel of sawdust. This causes the glaze to crackle and absorb the carbon from the burnt sawdust. The 14 largest trout in this installation are made from plaster waste molds of the trophy fish my father and his friends caught in Montana. The smaller fish are pure fiction. Trout have long been symbols of regeneration. Near perfect renderings of trout engraved in the clay floor of Naiux cave in France during the Ice Age still hold their power. These symbols are still potent today.